A plate of RedThai wok fry Vegetables is a great accompaniment to any meal. Add some tofu, chicken, beef, or shrimp to the vegetables and the dish becomes a complete meal when served with rice.This delicious combination is sure to delight any taste.

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Specialty Pho 

Chu has owned and operated many successful independent restaurants throughout his career including LUCKY DRAGON, Tempe, FATE, Phx, SENS Asian Tapas and Sake Bar, Phx TIEN WONG HOT POT Chandler, T SPOT Ramen, Chandler and SOCHU HOUSE Neo Asian and Martini Bar, Central Phoenix


Spicy lemongrass tofu soup combines lemongrass, fresh chiles, and garlic. Marrying these ingredients together infuses the food with an enticing aroma and deep flavor. Tofu is perfect with these fragrant spices and makes this common dish a staple on the southeast Asian table.

Wok Fry

Chef Johnny chu

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Noodle  Soup